Wilcox weekend

During the 1970’s and 1980’s our President Roger Willcox organised walking weekends.  He took great pleasure in organising them in February so that the weather conditions were particularly bad, adding to the challenge.

This tradition continues today as former participants asked him whether they could continue organising these weekends in his name.  He agreed and since 2009 they now take part in May so that the weather is more kind.  The weekend involves teams of four, planning their route on a Friday Night, with an early start on Saturday to walk approximately 10-12 miles answering questions en route.  With the winning  team having the honour of organising the following year’s walk.


This year saw the weekend postponed to October, but the teams were as competitive as ever, with the ladies team taking the crown.

Wilcox Weekend is just one of the many social events you can take part in as an adult at the Stonehouse Gang. For more information on other events take a look at our calendar here or drop us an email asking for more information here. We’d love to hear from you.

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