Summer holiday time

This year’s Club holiday saw 32 of us packing into two vans and taking a trip to the Isle of Wight for some Summer fun (although the weather wasn’t very Summery).

From 8 to 18, the young people who came along enjoyed a week of activities that included swimming, a trip to the local theme park, visits to local attractions as well as spending some leisure on the caravan park we called home.

Everyone had a great time as Robert Green, Gang Leaders explains: “The Gang summer holiday is an opportunity for some young people to have a break, who otherwise may not be able to get away. We had a great time and everyone thoroughly enjoyed what the Isle of Wight had to offer.”

The trip was partly funded by The Sir John Middlemore Trust, who have kindly supported us for the past few years. Thank you to them, because without your support the trip simply wouldn’t happen.

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