Saying goodbye to friends of the Gang

More bad news over Christmas

It is with regret that I am having to write of the deaths of two really good friends of the Gang. 

Bruce Tanner was a member of our General Council and finance committee. He was a massive supporter of the Gang and the work we are trying to achieve. So much so that he was part of a team of businessmen who saved the Gang not once but twice. First time in the 70’s when club needed investment and again in the 2000’s when club was facing financial ruin. The fridge in clubs canteen was even given by Bruce. 

Bruce was a genuinely lovely guy who would have given you the shirt off his back. Always genuinely interested in young people and the paths they took and trying to correct if they were perhaps going down the wrong path. 

Alan Franklin was the brother of Trevor, our secretary. Alan was involved in youth work for a long time both here and in Brixham. He was instrumental in us finding and using Grenville House, which we have used for over 30 years and his influence in Brixham put us in touch with Hameln where club visited a few years ago. These places would never be found if it wasn’t for Alan and the Gang and 10’s of young people would not have benefitted from them. 

They will both be sorely missed and our thoughts are with their families at this difficult time.

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