Covid-19 Announcement

Statement from the Gang

Given the new guidance from the Prime Minister, we have suspended all face-to-face club meetings, activities and events for the time being.

This you will appreciate is not a decision we have taken lightly.

You will no doubt be aware that the Covid-19 situation continues to develop around the world and the UK has not reached it's peak. The Prime Minister has announced that everyone in the UK should now avoid non-essential travel, and contact with others so it is important we protect the health of everyone who uses the Gang, this is out number one priority and is always at the heart of our decision making.

It's in challenging times like these that our Stonehouse Gang values matter most. We are talking to the Government and other community organisations to see how the Gang can support our community during this crisis and will do so if at all possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause, please check our social media and web page for regular updates.

National You Agency

We follow the guidance set by the National Youth Agency, you can find the latest information from them here

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2. WordPress Pages Setup

Remember to set the homepage and the Posts page of your site following this path: Settings > Reading > Your homepage displays.

3. Install the WooCommerce Plugin

Install and activate the WooCommerce Plugin from WordPress. Go to the Plugins menu > Add New > Search for WooCommerce. Click on Install now button and then Activate it.

4. Setup the WooCommerce Pages in WordPress

Once activated you have to set the WooCommerce pages of the template in WordPress. To do that, go to the WooCommerce Plugin > Settings > Advanced and set the Cart, Checkout and My Account pages.

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6. Configure Posts Queries under Udesly Plugin

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Go to Udesly Plugin > Posts Queries > "Add New Post Query" button and create a new query.

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Recent Products: To show the recent products section in homepage you have to add this title: recent-products.

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