Bouncing into the record books!

As part of our 80th birthday celebrations, Stonehouse Gang volunteers literally jumped at the challenge of breaking a Guinness World Record, by continuously bouncing on a bouncy castle for the longest time.

Taking two-hour stints on the castle, each of our eight volunteers bounced their way into the record books and not only that they did it over a weekend of record heatwave temperatures.

As well as the ‘bouncers’, we also had a team of volunteer independent witnesses and a volunteer support team who not only made sure that the World Record rules were abided by, but that everyone was suitable fed and watered.

The team leapt over the previous record of 48 hours, 48 minutes, 48 seconds with a huge 50-hour bounce, raising almost £2000

Rob Green, Leader of the Stonehouse Gang said: “Thank you to everyone who helped us smash this Guinness World Record. It was no easy challenge and with temperatures at an all-time high, it was a big ask. We totally rely on fundraising and volunteers like this so this money will be invaluable in keeping the club nights going, plus providing opportunities for young people from Birmingham to have weekends away in Wales at our outdoor centre.”

Pictured: Amanda Harvey, Josh Tyson, Jo Jennings, Shannon Geoghan, Nick Hall, Andrew Cox, Jon Greatrex & Jess White


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